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Internship Software Developer

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Internship Software Developer

Who is Dimerce?

Dimerce can be seen as yet another ‘full-service’ marketingagency, though we don’t fancy that prejudice. We go beyond. In some cases Dimerce can be seen as our customer’s marketing department. Because of our knowledge of both the technical and the marketing side of business, we can help our customers to achieve their goals. The idea behind this: our customers focus on the things they do best, Dimerce helps selling it.

We share our office with Didata Automatisering. Didata has made quite the impression building ERP-systems for a long time now. This co-operation is profitable both for Didata and Dimerce. Aside from that, an environment is created where a wide range of knowledge is available for you to learn from.

Something for me?

If you like to work on innovative (web)applications, which are connected to ERP systems. Than Dimerce is the place to be! Together with the team you make sure that our software helps our customers to reach their goals. This could be based on an increase in profits, more efficiency or lower costs of operation. Dimerce makes the difference by focussing on the synergy between technology and marketing, we believe these two are inseperable. At least that is what our customers have proven troughout the years. This means, you as a developer, could be working on:

  • Performance improvements
  • UX-design from a technical point of view
  • Translating webshops to integrated Apps
  • Interfacing to marketplaces, ERP-systems, etc.
  • Maintaining and improving big product catalogs (>50.000 products)
  • ‘Custom’ projects like product configurators, search engines

The best part about this internship? You get to choose the project that excites you most, and your will most definately result in a new succes story!

What’s in for you?

  • Excellent primary benefits
  • Personal assistance from skilled teammembers (programmers, marketeers, business-consultants, creatives)
  • Interesting projects that will eventually be used in practice

What’s in for Dimerce?

  • You know your specific business
    • Either you have knowledge of: C#, .NET, MVC
    • Or you know: CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • The drive to bring these projects to a succes
  • One of these skills are not necessairy but highly appreciated!
    • Knowledge of Xamarin/Android/iOS
    • Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and/or Augmented reality
    • You can speak and write in Chinese

If you would be interested to learn more about this internship, please write an e-mail with your motivation to: b.vanbindsbergen@dimerce.com (Bart van Bindsbergen)